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Everybody has a chance to speak

Here is all you need to know about webcasts, hybrids, clouds and apps. As traditional training and meetings are changing rapidly with technology gaining ever more importance.

Web 2.0 technology is continuing to develop on a high level. While webcasts of the past few years were mainly broadcast videos, a lot more is possible today. Multimedia quality standards with interactive options, slide navigation and large projections as well as the possibility to have contents selected by a content management system, are all proof of rapid progress. One fielld where this technology is used increasingly, is HVAC: westaflex creates e-learning courses based on a webcast version of already held lectures combined with questions and further media as a separate online product. Individual packages can be compiled. This provides a high degree of flexibility. Since summer 2012, craftsmen and employees had been pondering over the future of media by applying narrative scenraio methods in a think tank. Nine employees enrolled on media management and were responsible for conception and realization. This was no easy task in view of the fact that communication patterns have changed: Indirect communication patterns will gain in significance. HVAC meetings and conventions should experiment at incorporating Social Media: not as a technical gimmick but instead for genuine content, wherever feasible.

All in all, we can offer our customers invaluable inspiraction and vital information in Germany and worldwide.

The public reach is greater than before, but processes might get out of control, after our thoughts and visions are discussed with parts of the HVAC audience in parallel. Mobile technologies and social media are among those developments which will have the greatest impact on the HVAC markets.

Hybrid events combine live face-to-face communication with virtual interaction with those attending. With today's perspectives in the IT sector and rapid data transmission, westaflex will also retrieve data at a much faster rate than before.

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