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Sucess Story HVAC EDITEC

Our Order Management organizes, optimizes and automates Buyers and Sellers sales activities. It allows the creation, processing and managing of Purchase Orders and to monitor POs statuses in the supply chain.

Order Management sets up and performs freight links between trading participants, determines freight prices and actual freight costs, generates trade sales and purchase invoices and allows preparing the financial entries for import to external ERPs.

Westaflex Order Management Features

* Online posting of orders and getting acknowledgements;

* Order status tracking and archiving;

* Shared view of purchase orders;

* Customer credit rating;

* Alerts and messaging capabilities enabling seller to prioritize purchase;

* Orders and shipment flow;

* Import duties and VAT by product type;

* Currency everyday rates support;

* Warehouse Management ;

* Freight Calculator;

  • Connectivity with ERP system.

    Getting the best price for a deal is always important but in many instances this is not the overriding factor. Higher priorities can often be ‘uncancellable orders’, ‘credit lines’, ‘bundled offers’ or even ‘previous history’. This gives you enough information to make the right deal for the conditions at the time.

    You can also launch a request for quotation (RFQ) to your manufacturers and suppliers to match the demand coming from your customers with the supply availability. Your suppliers soon know that RFQs from you are backed up by solid demand, and this gives you credibility and strength in your negotiations with them.

    Westaflex EDIFACT ensures seamless data exchange between Business Partners by providing ERP-to-ERP system connectivity. We implement EANCOM, EDITEC, VDA and EDI messages which allow manufacturers, distributors & their customers efficiently communicate and securely make transactions such as:

    * Price lists distribution,

    * Receiving and confirming orders from customers,

    * Online invoicing,

    Receiving offers from suppliers and sending orders to them,

    * Sending advanced shipping notifications and confirming delivery dates,

    * Inventory reporting,

    * Sales out reporting.

    These transactions are translated into Business Partners’ prefered electronic formats including EDITEC, EDI, XML, Excel spreadsheets or flat files.

    ERP-to-ERP connection helps to improve business workflow, automate manual processes and reduce errors. It gives Business Partners the possibility to preserve investments in their legacy systems and obtain substantial cost savings by standardizing information exchange.

    Westaflex B2B Exchange supports the full range of business relationships across trading business partners in the HVAC industry: manufacturers, distributors, resellers, system integrators, logistics/credit/finance service providers, and investors. Our solutions integrated to your ERP system and maintaining your corporate identity.


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