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Four different directories in one application, Employees, Departments, Vendors, and Links. If your company spends time maintaining and handing out paper list of employees extensions, this app solves the nightmare of maintaining constantly changing lists of employees names and numbers, lists of departments, lists of commonly used vendors and their phone numbers, and even lists of links to company network resources and outside web sites. It also increases employee morale and convenience, by making them use their own devices thus making the company look like a flexible and a very attractive employer.

Get in touch ASAP! Want to know how many more steps to the top? Have you ever wondered who the person working in the office across the hallway is, who you are almost certain is a colleague of yours but have no idea what he/she does? Imagine you just want to have a quick status meeting with your project team - what a headache is it to schedule this over the calendar? Or you want to talk to a peer of this one person, in a particular department, who happens to be on vacation? Or you need someone on your team for your project in Sweden with specific skills? How do you find someone with HVAC skills in your company?

DIR is a customized prebuilt Best-of-Breed out which helps to keep you connected and the list will be updated from your contact/company list directory. It not only provides contact details & pictures of all your colleagues, but also has hierarchical information & team information and in addition, it integrates personal & professional social media updates. You can also create your own groups and message members in these custom groups easily. And of course, it connects with any kind of data source and is safe & secure. Our cutting edge app functions like a mobile, interactive version of the company’s intranet (private network). A “dashboard” screen provides shortcuts to our company directory as well as corporate news, videos and messages from our CEOs. the goal is to increase employee productivity. Staffers note that westaflex’s scale calls for such a resource. Our company holding employed approximately 2,700 people at the end of last year and its Guetersloh headquarters comprises 5 buildings. A feature that lists the various buildings, their conference rooms, and locates them on a map has been particularly popular. Get all the contact details and personal information, that can help you connect with the right colleague. Of course, all the contact details are up to date in realtime! See all your colleagues at a glance in a beautiful designed list view - including photos, position title and their availability. You can even preset the list to your own department, project team or custom groups. You don't need a MDM (Mobile Device Management System) to provision DIR, even use DIR as a Portal to ESS or MSS functionality? It's fully customizable! 

Yellow Pages - your collection of the greatest business contacts to facilitate your own life. Explore thousands of innovative people always in your pocket. This is a simple application for Westaflex Employee Directory search. Connections is the smartest mobile enterprise directory available. For the first time, it's actually easy for your teams to find, discover, learn and connect with each other, all with the tap of a few buttons. Keep productivity up and frustrations low - social trademarks.

For more than eighty years, Westaflex has been an invaluable resource to designers, engineers and builders of custom HVAC, Wall Mounted, Ducted and Free Joint Multi Air Conditioning Systems to a Fresher Environment and other HRP's Service Centres amentities. In that time, we've amassed a registry of companies that provide systems, components and services -- a complete reference now available via Westaflex for Android.

DIR = directory of Westaflex products are used in a variety of applications including automotive production, train technology (ICE ventilation), for the air supply and ventilation of living spaces, exhaust technology and water treatment.Contact participants in the Westaflex Global Directory, in the office or on the go! The DIR Directory lets you easily find the right WX contact, service or office that you’re looking for, from anywhere in the world - whether you need information, service scheduling or emergency response. As your trusted business partner, westaflex understands your company’s unique needs. In creating the DIR Commercial Directory, we bring your existing potential customers a user-friendly online database of B2B wholesalers who warmly welcome Westaflex Commercial solutions. Inside, buyers will find all the merchants they will ever need! Contacts may be found via a text search, positioning or country selection and can be contacted directly by phone, web or e-mail. Also, they may be copied to the device’s address book and marked as a favourite. The app offers offline functionality. 

The latest extension is a list of all WX classed business contacts with detailed information and recent images. Westaflex offers traditional classification services as well as expert advice, consultancy, advanced engineering, product certification, training and software solutions. Westaflex HVAC experts are advisors to governments, OEM, IMO, flag states and port states. Westaflex Mobile Directory Application is a free app for accessing the WX Group’s contact details. Users get on-the-go access to the westaflex contact details they need anytime, wherever they are, quickly and without internet connection.

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