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Industry4.0 app

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software allows for a broad and collective insight over the entire workings of a business. This type of ERP app integrates all areas of the business process into one unified, single point of access with the ability to share documents, files and data.

Our ERP industry 4.0 is a business management app for dummies! You will be able to manage and control your business inventory, take sales orders and give purchase orders, issue invoices, handle manufacturing, if necessary, manage your contacts and create sophisticated business reports.

The main aim of our freemium ERP app is to improve company-wide communication and streamline all business operations by providing users from every departments, from manufacturing through to sales, with an overview of all business operations. All data and information created and recorded is stored in one backend, allowing mobile access from across worldwide departments. This means that sales can access vital accounting information with the click, by integrating various systems into one, the need to keep multiple copies of data is eliminated. Built on a rock-solid inventory platform, this ERP industry4.0 is engineered to make every retail business process intuitive and easy to perform. Our app is designed to run every business function at peak efficiency. It provides customizable enterprise resource planning software and deliver the insights needed to realize the goals of a progressive business. This app is an industry 4.0 software and ERP solution that is 100% native to IBM system i platform (formerly known as as/400). Industry 4.0 is cloud software and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that serves both SMBs as well as enterprises.

Our ERP app includes a suite of solutions and add-ons that can be integrated into one core indsutry 4.0 application. This modular business app is beneficial to industries of all sizes, but can be particularly beneficial to large organizations with multiple departments and big teams where cross-communication might be more of a challenge. Companies who deal with multiple stages of the business process, from the warehouse to the customer, also benefit greatly from our enterprise resource app. Our industry 4.0 app is also designed for integration with other aspects such as MES, Data collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE applications.

While you may hesitate to leave your familiar world of desktop software, the benefits offered by our app such as secure storage, information sharing, multi-user environment and data accessibility make managing your inventory an easy task. ERP industry 4.0 requires internet access, runs in your smartphone or tablet just like a typical web site (eg. Gmail, Yahoo etc.) and can be accessed from any mobile device such as the Android™. Just start running your business using a very simple and user-friendly interface!

Only our Enterprise app offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. ERP industry 4.0 app delivers over 80 modules to support a diverse set of business processes and key industry solutions such as Consumer Package Goods, Manufacturing, Asset Intensive, and Projects and Services - the manufacturing app features include procurement, Bill of Materials processing, version control, master planning production work orders and more. The software also supports bar coding, Lot traceability, Serial number tracking, along with the complete management of rentals, loaners and demos. 

As today’s manufacturers, especially job shops, face significant challenges — meeting customer demands, competitive pressures, and the economy make it difficult to provide excellent customer service, optimally utilize resources, and grow profitability. At a predictable and one time license fee, this ERP industry 4.0 app will help you meet these challenges andmaximize your opportunity for success, which can be easily shared among managers, as well as accessed remotely.


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