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Libre Office

Getting what you want out of information technology is difficult. It´s always too little, too late, for too much. On average, Microsoft Word users may master only about 5 percent of the available features, and the typical company exploits only a small fraction of the functionality available in its enterprise resource planing (ERP) software.

With Libre Office we do IT right… IT should not just carry out specific needs, it should creatively partner to explore what SHOULD be done. The problem of other office software is that the IT organization is so busy managing the trees, it can´t think about the forest. We like having Lego-like technology.

Our own business processes are embedded in brittle and complex technology, and the future of our companies depends on transforming this mess into “digitized” capabilities that will allow us to rapidly innovate and propagate new products, services, and business models. When it comes to IT, business leaders feel like strangers in a strange land. IT delivery complex services to relatively unsophisticated and demanding customers who expert IT to serve there individual interests without regard to the benefit and risks to the enterprise. There is no way out. Using free software will make your dealings with IT more efficient.

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