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ERP industry4.0 App

EPCIS Barcode can be integrated in existing production and logistics smoothly and affordably. Easy connection to SAP/ERP or CRM guarantees optimal management of business processes. We speak to key people directly. As an interactive dialog system, EPCIS enables you to conduct a personal dialog through your product with several customers or business partners simultaneously, clearly identifiable and guarantees complete traceability.

With ERP App, westaflex® has at its disposal a ready-to-go, innovative and innovative system, compatible with all branches of industry and for all countries around the globe. By integrating the end customer, EPCIS provides unrivalled and safe protection from counterfeiting and illegal trading, including via the Internet. Because our ERP App has its roots in product safeguarding. Practical experience has rapidly shown that its ready-to-go, innovative and patented system, compatible with all branches of industry and for all countries around the globe, has enormous potential for all manner of dialog applications. Make the path of your product trackable and traceable from dispatch via sales to the end customer, using the EPCIS in our ERP App. Scanning a product enables customers to see simply and directly where that product has been and when. Give your customers the comfort of knowing they are holding an original product in their hands: use the EPCIS® code as a way of querying its authenticity. The code is unique to each product and is deleted after one query! After scanning the code, customers can be invited to partake in a competition. You can generate additional customer data as required. Does your product require explanation? Take your customers by the hand when they scan your product and show them step by step how it works. Educate them using words, pictures and/or film. Link the acquisition of benefits to active further recommendation: after scanning the barcode, a new customer has the chance to name the customer who recommended the product. Your ERP system then automatically credits the customer with an extra bonus point. Use our free code ERP App as a B2B instrument in order to enter into a dialog with your business partners. By affixing the EPCIS barcode to larger packaging units, you can address e.g. traders directly, inviting them to events or information days.

If you have any questions about westaflex® or further applications, we are at your disposal – around the clock, around the globe.

Much more than an ERP simulator.

An Industry4.0 Environment useful for solving many complex business problems.

A ERP 5250 clone for Android.

Java based and open source.

Free and Ad free.

Has most needed business math capabilities.

A lot of SQL function included already.

Basic cloud printing working (you need the app called Airdroid).

Custom scan keyboard for entering commands faster.


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