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Our products are designed to last, which is why we closely monitor warranties and claims.
Our warranty claims specialists review user issues as well as any kind of claims that involve property loss or damage to determine which issues currently need attention and which have been resolved. They also monitor the feedback in order to gain insight on how to make instructions and designs more user-friendly. Before a product can wear the coveted Westaflex logo or go into production, it must go through our torture testing. Wetaflex products are subjected to tensile tests, shock tests, vibration tests, wind tunnels, endurance tests, aerodynamic tests and crash tests. In fact, the whole world is our test track. We take our prototypes and test products into the real world, and try the functions that will make your equipment safer, easier and more fun to use. When we are finally happy, we know that you’ll be too.

Westaflex has developed a unique relationship with the world’s top vehicle manufacturers. This connection gives us access to specific feedback on how to design products that are more compatible and easier to install into today’s vehicles. It also enables us to suggest standard features that allow for even more precise fit of Westaflex products.

In today’s competitive environment, we need innovative machines that easily integrate into our plant-wide infrastructure. Our goal flexible and efficient equipment that increases business agility, optimizes productivity and helps achieve sustainability objectives — all while lowering our total cost of ownership. 

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