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Thaddäusstr. 5 - 33334 Gütersloh a.T.W.
PO Box  3255 - D-33334 Guetersloh a.T.W.

Info-Line  +49524 1401 4999 3200

Fax-Line    +49524 1401 4999 3401                                        

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Dear valued customers, we are happy to welcome you at our Corporate Website, as we are gladly working every day to make your experience most memorable and your search as uncomplicated and comfortable as possible. In case you find something which does not satisfy your expectations we do appreciate that you let us know. We will certainly do our outmost to solve the issue for you. 

With best regards,   Dr. Peter Westerbarkey 

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter



Thaddäusstraße 5
Gütersloh, DE 33334

Westaflexwerk GmbH
Registergericht Gütersloh / HRB 1359
UST-ID-Nr.: DE811226268

Westa-Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Registergericht Gütersloh / HRA 3428
UST-ID-Nr.: DE126783640

Westa-Holding Verwaltungs GmbH
Registergericht Gütersloh / HRB 2785

Westaflex Projekt GmbH
Registergericht Gütersloh / HRB 4147
UST-ID-Nr.: DE813240656

ERO Edelstahl-Rohrtechnik GmbH
Registergericht Stendal / HRB 1907
UST-ID-Nr.:  DE139449598

Carbonit Filtertechnik GmbH
Registergericht Stendal / HRB 2530
UST-ID-Nr.:  DE812190366