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It goes without saying that for more than 85 years the Westaflex Group has been an independent, family-run enterprise. As a leading employer, it is also our social responsibility. Our expertise in logistics is a great benefit to our customers, too. We cover the entire product sourcing cycle from A to Z and will deliver straight to your production line. Right where you want it. Precision, process-optimized sourcing - that's what we do. We study the process, not the part. Everything from the simple hand tool through to the automated, large-series manufacturing system. Partnership with an international leader can change your outlook on the future. Take our word for it. Products and markets change with lightning speed - so do customer specifications. If you want to know how partnership with an internationally experienced innovator can change things for you, talk to us. Face-to-face, one-to-one. We're looking forward to your call.

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