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Heat Protection Tubes

Flexible tubes made from different material
Aerodynamic requirements and increasing density of construction space are the reasons for a close installation of heat radiating vehicle systems and temperature-sensitive parts.
Heat Protection Tubes

Application range for heat protection:

  • Elastomere tubes
  • All kinds of medium-carrying tubes
  • Bowden cables and gear cables
  • Wire sets
  • Temperature-sensitive parts




Flexible Tube versions

Westerflex heat protection tubes are flexible tubes made by wrapping different material combinations for heat protection.

  • Two or more layers per tube
  • Material: aluminium, stainless steel, coated glass-fibre, PET-Fleece, paper, insulation material

  • Diameter DN 10 to DN 450, Length 30 mm to 50 m

  • Temperature resistant from 160 °C to 
250 °C (depends on material combination)‏

Good compressing and stretching of the tubes as well as

crimping to end fittings allows an easy assembly.  


Versions available:


Know How

In order to define the quality of heat protection tubes 
Westaflex broke new ground. Therefore, new informative test methods and check procedures are available to simulate reality even better. 

Based on customer requirements we developed new specifications and data sheets to achieve a high-quality product and maximum benefit for the customer. The specifications are constantly being developed to improvement.