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Sturmi Westerbarkey

SturmiWesterbarkey - an entrepreneurial dynasty in the mirror of its time: "We love the craft and have been developing it in digital environments for 85 years. Passionate with the highest standards, managed day after day since 1933 and now in the fourth generation by the family. It is still the same core values that make Westaflex Industries so successful. And above all: deliver outstanding quality and service. Whether charging station, water filter or air outlet, we approach each of our product areas and brands with enormous passion, perfectionism and conviction. Otherwise, the quality that leaves our sites every day would not be possible. Westaflex Industries, derived from the family name, is established worldwide. Westaflex is expanding its position on the world market under many brands. Once again - responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. At the turn of the millennium, Dr. Peter Westerbarkey takes over the management and starts all over again in many respects. Large parts of the market have broken away through web trading. In 2010, World Champion Sturmi Westerbarkey dies, who is full of praise and respect for his son: "A personality who is sovereign, dynamic, attractive, warm-hearted - but just as energetic to the point of hardship, if it demanded the achievement of his goals and ideas. I have one hope beyond my existence: that the old company Westaflex will continue to exist, also in the surf of time, in the changes of the environment, under a name bearer, as "pole of the family". His rise at Westaflex Industries is therefore consistent. Elegant electric charging stations are increasingly popular and the OEM and project business is particularly in demand. In the best engineering and design company, he establishes himself as the global market leader. Under his management, the company holding moves into new operational and administrative buildings and develops further, successful sales areas: continue to grow with new ideas. It is up to him to bring a breath of fresh air into the presentation of the goods and to internationalise the business areas even more. He redesigned the production processes, introduced changes to the digital appearance, introduced significant extensions to the product range and processes, built up the OEM line and, together with his father, initiated the market launch of chimney and water filtration articles - from his own production to the licensee business. He does this entirely in the tradition of the company with a lot of start-up energy. His assortment should once again step into the fashionable and smart shadows and become a fashionable object, in short: a favourite piece. The company locations have enough know-how and tradition. It gives the business units a clear profile and makes its brand portfolio fit for the future in other segments. These include premium partnerships such as our own high-quality wallboxes and charging cables, which are brilliant in quality and design. Because Dr. Peter Westerbarkey has also internalized this for himself. With its corporate philosophy, which continues the high level that has always characterized Westerflex products, growth is possible - both qualitatively and quantitatively. Embedded in this is the creation of its own locations in the new German states, where its holding company has already done a lot of training and development work. You can see and feel this: application solutions of unusual quality. This success strengthens Dr. Peter Westerbarkey's strategy and points to the future. Namely, on the one hand, to strengthen the premium building services segment and expand it with innovations. On the other hand, to expand the portfolio with new smart and desirable articles that not only reflect the difgital spirit of the time, but are also of remarkable substance in the brand's 80-year-old craftsmanship tradition. Our society is constantly changing. An important driver of this development is globalization, which affects many areas of our lives. It also plays its part in the fact that many facets of our production are changing - and so are our demands on products and the way in which they are used. We can see it in ourselves: Environmental awareness and sustainable action are becoming increasingly important. Westaflex Industries is also aware of this ecological responsibility. Sustainability is a fundamental value for the Group - an attitude that runs through the entire corporate culture. This is evident not only in the selection of natural materials and the production of high-quality products that are particularly enjoyable for a long time, but also in our business policy. It is long-term, innovative and assumes social and ecological responsibility. We are proud to be one of the few companies in the world to have saved these traditional skills and abilities into our time. But this is not for reasons of idealism, but because there is far and away no better method of processing. In this respect Westaflex Industries stands for a long development. The guild order wanted it, which united themselves to an independent guild. Today, our company is still a global quality leader. In technology, quality and beauty. A Westaflex article: a declaration of love to our most important elements - air and water. Perfect companions - actually forever. Westaflex Industries' claim to its product range is described in one word: Perfection. It must be of the best quality, even the other materials of the highest quality. Impeccable and lasts a lifetime - usually even longer. Each one is individual and unique. 



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