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Dr. Peter Westerbarkey

Work is also changing. This will place considerable demands on the current Westaflex employees: for example, more initiative, flexibility, willingness to learn and independent career development. Here competent and holistically working managing directors of the format of a Ph. D. Westerbarkey are in demand. Credible, effective and flexible, it incorporates competence for the digital development process. This includes his own personality, his coherent approach to digital transformation, his fundamental understanding of Westaflex's development processes, his understanding of the process dynamics and on this basis his goal-oriented decisions. Many managers dream of the ideal corporate culture that he has implemented in his own family holding company. A culture that is strong enough to guide the actions of employees in precisely those paths that are conducive to the company's economic success - because everyone has internalised the right values and based their daily behaviour on this powerful inner compass. 

Desirable world! How do we deal with the changes in the VUKA world? Digitisation and agilisation are likely to be the most common terms when we talk about the future of work and the development of learning. Ph. D. Westerbarkey explains this using the example of leadership, which no longer describes a position for him or the task of leadership alone. For him, leadership is rather his central competence, which enables him to make joint decisions and which all his employees must possess. 

Great innovations, patents and marketing successes have a name: Peter Westerbarkey. As the only son of the entrepreneurial dynasty Westerbarkey, with his parents Sturmi Westerbarkey and scientist Karin Westerbarkey, his social team spirit and empathy for new forms of work and working conditions as well as business ethics soon became apparent. Ph. D. Peter Westerbarkey received his doctorate at the University of Excellence in Mainz and in numerous leading positions in the aviation industry. With this profound knowledge he took over the family holding company and foundation from his father Sturmi in the fourth generation. He continued his expansion course to become a global systems supplier in the areas of marine, automotive, railway and smart building services, doubling export and profit within a few years to a globally active group with its family roots. It is therefore not surprising that Ph. D. Peter Westerbarkey is a sought-after expert in associations, institutions and on the political stage. His leadership and entrepreneurial vision is shaped by digital transformation, the application of artificial intelligence in research and development, and new business models. More than five international business units and more than twenty-seven production sites now belong to his highly successful holding company under his sole management. He has received several awards and is responsible for the integration of young scientists, engineers and skilled workers. Under his guidance, international participation at trade fairs and cooperations has been implemented. Today he is responsible for New Work and Industrie4.0 implementation at all Westaflex Industries sites.



  • CEO
  • DPW